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Divisional Awards

 AECT Cross-Cultural Research Award 
Sponsored by Korean Society of Educational Technology

Purpose of the Award:
With the growing concern for understanding global issues impacting modern societies, the past decade has witnessed a rapid increase in the demand for cross-cultural research. This award is designed to promote publication and dissemination of scholarly work that address cross-cultural or cross-national issues that has implications in the field of educational technology.

Nomination Procedure:
Among the accepted proposals for the Annual meeting for AECT, each division will be asked to nominate one paper that meets the criteria of the award.

Review and Selection:

The selection of the winning paper will be the responsibility of the Award Review Committee of the given year. Only a submission deemed meritorious will be selected for the award.

The committee’s reviews will be based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance of topic to cross-cultural or cross-national issues in the field of educational technology;
  • Importance of topic;
  • Clarity of writing;
  • Originality of content.
  • Any paper submitted for this award must be an original unpublished work.
2016 Cross-Cultural Award Review Committee:

Mimi Miyoung Lee, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology, The University of Houston
Ike Choi, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology, The University of Georgia

One person from each of the following divisions and groups will be invited to participate on the award review committee.
KSET Journal Editorial Board (Journal of Korean Educational Technology)
AECT Culture, Learning and Technology Division
AECT International Division

Nature of Award: Includes $400 and a plaque or certificate as well as the opportunity to publish in a refereed, scholarly research journal published by the Korean Society of Educational Technology (KSET).

Presentation of Award: Awards Ceremony during a General Session at the AECT convention.

Funding and Support: KSET provides funding for the honorarium and plaque/certificate.

Deadline for receipt of nominations: Aug. 15, 2017

For information, contact: Ike Choi, Award Review Committee Co-Chair,

 • Spencer P. Greenhalgh, Matthew J. Koehler
 • Iryna Ashby, Victoria Walker, and Daeyeoul Lee

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