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The AECT Legacy Scholarship  
The AECT Legacy Scholarship
is not accepting nominations for 2017
The award's purpose is to improve the teaching/learning process in the library and the classroom and to supplement the recipientís training by extending the use of educational communications and technology. The scholarship, funded by the ECT Foundation, will be awarded to a practicing K-12 school teacher or school library/media specialist to assist in the pursuit of a master's degree or professional certificate in the field (Master's or Advanced Educational Technology Specialist). The scholarship may be used to further the recipient's education in summer session(s) or academic year of graduate level study at any accredited college or university in the United States.

Selection Criteria
  1. Scholarship: List and describe your publications, presentations, curriculum projects, and creative productions that reflect your involvement and accomplishments in the field of school libraries and/or school media and technology.
  2. Experience: List and describe your experience in the field of educational media, information literacy, research skills, classroom teaching, and involvement in innovative programs that motivate learners to effectively and responsibly use resources available through multiple venues.
  3. Service and Leadership: List and describe your service and leadership in the profession through AECT or AECT affiliates. Membership in AECT is strongly recommended and length of membership (including student undergraduate membership in affiliates or chapters) will be considered in evaluating the award.
  4. Applicant's Statement: Provide a brief narrative describing your knowledge of key issues and challenges facing learners in our rapidly changing world of communications and technology (by) . Include your philosophy of teaching and your professional goals.
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation: Please have three persons familiar with your professional qualifications and leadership potential write letters of recommendation to address the following:
    1. How long they have known you and in what capacity.
    2. The nature and quality of your professional background and experience.
    3. Demonstrated leadership and potential for future leadership in school libraries and educational technology.
    4. Special strengths and weaknesses.
Submission Procedure:
The completed application and the three letters of recommendation must be received (via USPS or FedEx) by August 15th, 2017. Deadline is firm. Application and references may be emailed by the deadline.
Stephanie Moore, ECT Foundation President
University of Virginia
Curry School of Education
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
434.243.8906 (Phone)

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