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Divisional Awards

Special Service Award 
AECT's Special Service Award honors an individual who has provided notable and exemplary service to AECT. This service may be to the organization as a whole, or to one or more of its programs, divisions or other association activities. The nature of the service is open-ended and can be singular or longer term.

  • Nominee must be a current member and have been in AECT for at least 10 years.
  • Recipient may not currently be a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Nominee may not currently be serving as a member of the AECT Awards Committee.
  • Service cannot be for a specific AECT affiliate but may relate to AECTís general mission involving affiliate relations.
Review Criteria:
Nature, impact and quality of the service as evidenced by supporting comments and documentation. There is no specific requirement for the date, length or nature of the noted service. All required documentation submitted.

Nominations are coordinated and reviewed by the AECT Awards Committee and recommendations for the award recipient(s) are forwarded to the AECT Executive Committee for consideration and approval by the AECT Board. A review team led by a member of the AECT Awards Committee and comprised of selected committee members and non-members including a previous award winner recommends to the Chair the candidate(s) to be forwarded.

Nomination Procedure:
To submit a nomination please click here to access online nomination form. Nominations must include evidence of the notable service. Comments from an additional three references or co-nominators must be submitted in order for the nomination to be considered. An email will be sent to each reference or co-nominator requesting comments.

Nature of Award: Plaque

Presentation: Awards ceremony at a General Session during the annual convention.

Funding and Support: AECT

Deadline: Aug. 15, 2017.

Contact: Jay Harriman, AECT Awards Chair,

 • Charlie Riegeluth
 • Nancy Hastings
 • Chuck Hodges and Dan Surry
 • Jozenia Colorado
 • Barbara Lockee
 • Ana Donaldson
 • Les Moller
 • Mary Herring
 • Miriam B. Larson
 • M. David Merrill
 • Jenny Johnson
 • Mike Molenda
 • Alan Januszerski
 • Jim Klein
 • Don Descy
 • Phil Hibbard
 • Elizabeth Boling
 • Steve Ross
 • Sharon Smaldino
 • Penny Cole

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