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Distinguished Service Award 
The Distinguished Service Award honors an individual for outstanding leadership and service in advancing the theory and/or practice of educational communications and technology for over 10 years. The award recognizes contributions to the field and is not limited to AECT members. Suggested areas include but are not limited to: leadership; development and production; research/theory; publications; contribution to education outside the U.S. and/or other areas.

  • The nominee need not be a member of AECT
  • Nominee may not be a past recipient of the award.
  • Nominee may not be serving as a current member of the AECT Awards Committee.
Review Criteria:
Evidence of exemplary leadership and service, as well as contribution and impact in any of the above referenced areas. Quality of support from additional references or contributors to the nomination. All required documentation submitted.

Nominations are coordinated and reviewed by the AECT Awards Committee and recommendations for the award recipient(s) are forwarded to the AECT Executive Committee for consideration and approval by the AECT Board. A review team led by a member of the AECT Awards Committee and comprised of selected committee members and non-members including a previous award recipient recommends to the Chair the candidate(s) to be forwarded. This honor is limited to a maximum of 2 winners per year.

Nomination Procedures:
To submit a nomination, please click here to access online nomination form. Include any additional materials as directed. Comments from an additional three references or co-nominators must be submitted in order for the nomination to be considered. An email will be sent to each reference or co-nominator requesting comments.

Nature of Award: Plaque

Presentation: Presented at Awards Ceremony during a General Session at the AECT annual convention.

Funding and support: AECT

Deadline for nominations: Aug. 15, 2017.

Contact for additional information: Jay Harriman, Chair, AECT Awards Committee,


 • Ana Donaldson
 • Andrew Gibbons
 • Sharon Smaldino
 • Kay Persichitte
 • Wes Miller
 • Mike Spector
 • Lauren Cifuentes
 • Lloyd Rieber
 • Richard Cornell
 • Sharon Smaldino
 • Steve Ross
 • Xiaoxue Charles Wang
 • Ward Mitchell Cates
 • David H.Jonassen
 • Jerrold Kemp
 • Delia Neuman

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