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Remembering Jerrold Kemp
by AECT Legends and Legacies
Jerrold E. Kemp Endowed Lecture Series

This AECT Award was established in 2012 to honor Dr. Jerrold (Jerry) Kemp and his extensive contributions to the discipline of instructional design. The recipient of this award will be recognized for innovations in research or best practices.

- Accepted proposal in Instructional Design and Development for upcoming AECT convention.
- A submitted nomination for the award.

Review Criteria:
- Quality of accepted proposal and accompanying nomination documentation.
- Evidence of innovations in either research or best practices or both.

A team comprised of the AECT President-elect and the President-elect of the Design and Development Division will select (or coordinate the selection of) potential candidates from division nominations of accepted conference session proposals submitted during the convention planning process.

Nomination Procedure:
Each AECT division may submit up to three (3) nominations from their accepted proposals. Nominations should be submitted to the AECT President-elect of the Design and Development Division and include a detailed description of the nomineeís research trajectory and the impact of the scholarship on the field of IDT. Nominations should not exceed 500 words and include the title and abstract from selected proposals. Submissions should be sent to Zahira Merchant (, Convention Planner and President-elect of the Division of Design and Development.

Nature of Award: The winner will receive an honorarium from the ECT endowment in Dr. Kempís name and also a special session in the convention program.

Presentation: Awards ceremony at a General Session of the AECT annual convention

Funding and Support: ECT Foundation

Deadline: May 31, 2017

Contact: Zahira Merchant, President-elect of the Division of Design and Development,

 • Dennis Beck
 • Ikeson Choi, Hui Rong, and Andrew Tawfik
 • MaryAnn G. Tadlinsky
 • Kate E. Creevy
 • Karen K. Cornell
 • Chad Schmiedt
 • Yunseok Lee
 • Hyojin Park
 • Ikeson Choi

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