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Call for Proposals
2016 AECT International Convention

  Learning From Las Vegas...

2016 AECT International Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 17 - October 21  2016
Study Tours: Monday, October 17
Workshop Sessions: Monday, October 17; Tuesday, October 18; and Friday October 21
Concurrent and Presidential Sessions: October 18 - October 21
Roundtables, Posters, Pecha Kucha Sessions: October 18 - October 21

Invitation To Present

You are invited to present at the 2016 AECT International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada and to share your expertise and knowledge with your peers whose ideas, directions, and discoveries are emerging in our field. The AECT International Convention brings together participants from around the world offering practical applications, cutting-edge research, hands-on workshops, and demonstrations of the newest technologies and teaching/learning techniques in the field. Take this opportunity to connect with your peers at the 2016 convention in Las Vegas!

This year's convention theme is Learning from Las Vegas. The goal of the convention is for all participants to learn from the experiences and activities of the convention, enriching their lives and their professional skills. Of particular interest this year is a focus on creativity; creativity in teaching, research, and in design as it is applied to the field of educational technology. We are creating in our research and the development of new knowledge; sharing that new knowledge is central to the AECT Convention.

AECT represents the practicing professional, the emergent professional, iconic contributors to our field, and the contemporary leaders of our field. The broad applications of our profession within a variety of dynamic settings (including global ones), challenge us to modify and expand our approaches to instructional design, learning, and how we define our community.

AECT’s mission includes “promoting scholarship and best practices in the creation, use, and management of technologies for effective teaching and learning in a wide range of settings.” The AECT International Convention provides a unique opportunity for the sharing of research and experiences as we strive to advance our field and develop future leaders within the profession.

General Information

Proposal Deadlines
Proposals Open December 1st, 2015
Proposals Close February 1, 11:59PM (EST), 2016

The review process by divisions and affiliates will be completed by the end of February. Check with division and affiliate leaders with regard to their specific peer review process and dates.

Proposal Process
To be considered, a complete proposal must be submitted. A complete online proposal submission consists of:

   1. Presentation title
   2. A Description of the Session (Maximum of 75 words)
   3. An Anonymous Abstract (750-1,000 words)
   4. Equipment request
   5. List of presenters

In addition, research-based proposals should include findings to be considered complete. Additional guidelines exist when submitting a Featured Research Proposal or for the Design and Development Showcase. Be sure to read and follow the guidelines on the Featured Research Call for Proposals or the Design and Development Showcase submission guidelines before submitting to one of these groups.

Presenters are limited (as key presenter) to making no more than two (2) concurrent session presentations during the convention. Presenters are expected to follow the AECT Code of Ethics found in the AECT Policy Manual and available on the AECT website.

A panel of peer reviewers will read blind proposals. You will receive electronic notification that your proposal has been received and, at the appropriate time, whether it has been accepted for the program.

To be considered, a complete proposal must be submitted. Research-based proposals should include findings to be considered complete.

Proposals will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Clarity of proposal and quality of the writing. 
  • Relevance, timeliness, and general interest level of topic.
  • Match to the overall convention theme and other themes of the program.
  • Suitability for division/organization mission and membership.
  • Quality for proposed session’s content, organization and format.
  • Length and session type including appropriateness for needs of the overall convention program.

If you are unsure of the suitability of your proposal to a particular group, click on the group names below to learn what each group may be looking for in proposal submissions for this year. We encourage you to contact the Convention Planner for that Division or Group.

Group NameDescription
  Culture, Learning and Technology 
  Design and Development 
  Design and Development Showcase 
  Distance Learning 
  Emerging Learning Technologies 
  Featured Research 
  Fee-Based Workshops 
  Leadership Development Committee 
  Organizational Training & Performance 
  Presidential Session 
  Research & Theory 
  School Media & Technology 
  Systems Thinking & Change 
  Teacher Education 
  Virtual Worlds 
Descriptions of the AECT Divisions and Affiliates can be found at: www.aect.org/

Guidelines and Principles
Guidelines and principles to assist you in preparing proposals for submission are available at http://aectorg.yourwebhosting.com/events/call/guidelines.asp. Presenters are expected to follow the AECT Code of Ethics.

Notification of results of review process:
You will receive notification from the division/affiliate convention planner whether your proposal has been accepted or rejected after March 15, 2016. If accepted, you will be required to complete an Acceptance/Verification Form acknowledging receipt of an acceptance letter and verifying your commitment to make the presentation at AECT 2016, Las Vegas. It is the responsibility of the key presenter to notify all individuals involved in the presentation as to the status of the proposal. You must register for the conference: presentations of presenters who have not registered by September 1, 2016 will be dropped, and their presentations deleted from any print and/or electronic documents related to the convention program.

Presenters are required to assume responsibility for all costs associated with the presentation, including handout materials, convention registration, housing costs, and related expenses.

Types of Sessions

Concurrent Sessions
These 20-, 30-, or 60-minute sessions are primarily in traditional presentation format and have comprised the majority of convention sessions in past years. The focus of these sessions is on sharing information, such as best practices and research results. Proposals for 60-minute sessions may include more than one presentation (as in symposia). In addition, planners may “bundle” concurrent presentations with another of related content to form one 60- minute session.

Posters are designed to showcase a project, program, process, activity or similar experience in an informal setting. Posters may be projects that are completed, in progress, or in their beginning stages. A small table is provided to support a display board, laptop, and handouts. Feedback and insights of colleagues on these innovative developments are especially encouraged. Posters are scheduled simultaneously with Roundtables in multiple large rooms. Poster size is 48" x 36" horizontal/landscape layout. Presenters will may their own posters to tri-fold panels provided by AECT.

Roundtables are designed for small group discussion of specialized topics, with the presenter leading the discussion. This participatory format allows for a highly interactive presentation lasting 60 minutes. Typically, several Roundtable discussions are scheduled simultaneously in one large room, with minimal audiovisual use.

Pecha Kucha (Japanese for “chit-chat”)
These 3-person panels will use a presentation style in which each panelist presents 20 graphic slides (shown for 20 seconds each: total time allowed is six minutes and 40 seconds). The format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced will be scheduled into 45-minute presentation slots to allow a minimum of 20 minutes of interaction time with the audience. Panels on topics of contemporary/innovative concern and professional interest are encouraged.

Fee-Based Workshops
As half- or full-day sessions, workshops are intended to provide intense professional development opportunities that result in participants acquiring new skills. Workshops are targeted to specific interest groups and delivered at the start of the convention and on the last day. Persons or committees interested in submitting a workshop proposal should also submit the Workshop Budget and Expense form. No workshop proposal will be considered without these forms.

Presidential Sessions
Presidential sessions are proposed through the online proposal process, and will be selected by the AECT President-Elect, Brad Hokanson. These limited sessions will be selected based on their strong alignment with the conference theme, their importance to the work and interests of the AECT membership, and their value to multiple constituencies within AECT. Presidential session proposals are submitted directly to the President-elect or recommended to the President-elect by Division/Affiliate leaders. Proposals should contain all the elements expected in concurrent session proposals. Presidential sessions may be 60 or 90 minutes long.