Design and Development's Description

Design and Development members promote quality teaching and learning through the application of instructional design to:

• Design effective and satisfying learning experiences
• Apply learning theory in innovative ways, advancing theory development,
• Develop instructional materials and support learning environments that are optimal to support learning,
• Evaluate the impact of instruction, assessing learning gain, and implementation quality and fidelity,
• Conduct research on effective design practices, and
• Plan for and manage implementation of instructional projects and research

We are particularly interested in proposals that are the results of empirical research, that focus on a theory or concept, and/or that focus on the practice of instructional design and development.  We have accepted proposals in the following three areas:

Practice Proposals: Proposals reporting on the practice of instructional design and development should describe effective practice in innovative instructional designs, effective instructional tools, and/or new instructional development approaches. Each should be the result of design-based or development research efforts investigating instructional design approaches or interventions.

Research Proposals: Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method empirical studies should describe completed research that involved the collection and analysis of data, and/or meta-analyses of existing published research.

Theory/Concept Proposals: Must address a theoretical construct, analysis of related research, and original recommendations for future research and/or development.

New for this year is a new type of presentation called “Pecha Kucha” (Japanese for “chit-chat”) These 3-person panels will use a presentation style in which each panelist presents 20 graphic slides (shown for 20 seconds each: total time allowed is six minutes and 40 seconds). Panels on topics of contemporary/innovative concern and professional interest are encouraged.

Please indicate the type of proposal (presentation) in the first sentence of your abstract, e.g., "This research proposal reports a study ...".  

For questions regarding proposals for Design and Development please contact Zahira Merchant,