School Media & Technology's Description

Members of the School Media and Technology (SMT) Division strive to link professionals interested in the use of educational technology and its application to the learning process in the K-12 school environment. Our membership includes K-12 educators, school librarians, computer or technology teachers, and professors of school librarianship, K-12 student support personnel, media and educational technology practitioners among others.

The SMT Division believes that instruction should engage students and educators in a community of practice within all types of technological environments, focusing on the development of a safe space for the voices of all stakeholders. Proposals featured by the SMT Division typically focus on educational technology practices within the K-12 school environment. Topics may include but are not limited to:

• Technology integration in K-12;
• The changing roles of library media and instructional technology specialists in online and blended learning environments;
• Design of online and blended K-12 environments that optimize student learning;
• Online K-12 professional development;
• K-12 teacher created instructional materials, technology-related issues facing school librarians;
• Student media production;
• Online portfolios, teaching with technology;
• Research into practice;
• Cultural diversity;
• School and technology leadership;
• Creating connecting to curriculum standards.

This year’s conference will be guided by the concept of creativity. Although not required, SMT strongly encourages proposals that tie the aforementioned topics to creativity and outside of the box innovation. SMT also values interactive presentations that foster audience participation by enabling them to discuss new ideas they can then implement in their respective domains of practice.

For more information regarding submitting proposals to the Division of School Media & Technology contact:

Paige Hale, Ed.D.
SMT President-Elect