International's Description

It is easy to understand the International Division (INTL) at AECT. In this global village, each of us is an international person somewhere, particularly in the diverse educational field. Therefore, INTL facilitates communication among educational technology and instructional design professionals and students worldwide. We also promote interactions that transcend the geographical boundaries and cultural lines by mentoring and fostering educational endeavors. In addition, we coordinate communication with our sister associations and various partnership organizations around the world.

We encourage professionals and students to submit proposals to the International Division for 2017 AECT at Jacksonville. While considering submitting proposals to the International Division, please keep two keywords in your mind: “International” and “Change.” The International Division welcomes and appreciates all proposals that:

  1. deal with International/cultural issues,
  2. focus on innovation and changes in teaching, learning, research, and design related to the field of educational communications and technology,
  3. address meaningful and useful international perspectives, or
  4. are philosophical, theoretical, empirical, or practical.

The International Division accepts presentation types such as concurrent sessions, roundtables, posters, and panels listed in AECT Call for Proposals. We will share a rubric with you to consider what to be included in the proposal. Strong proposals clearly and appropriately articulate: the purpose of the proposal/study/instructional approach/design, the methods employed, and the diverse/different perspective that you have addressed as well as the conference theme of 2017 AECT.

For questions regarding proposals for the International Division, please contact Justine Chien at