Emerging Technology Showcase

What emerging technologies are changing or will change the way people learn?

The Emerging Technologies Showcase invites AECT members to share their work and experiences during the 2017 Convention in Jacksonville 2017.

The concept of “emerging” is an elusive one, especially because the very nature of the word implies a constant newness or a process of coming into being with a goal of often becoming popular. The understanding of emerging technologies as used in this proposal aligns with is of “tools, concepts, innovations, and advancements utilized in diverse educational settings to serve varied education-related purposes” (Veletsianos 2010, p. 17).

As members of an expansive network of learners, educators, designers and consumers of technology, charged with promoting “the effective design and use of technologies in the teaching/learning process, worldwide,” our understanding of adoption and adaption of technologies are assets, especially given the varied ways we interrogate and integrate technologies.

This interactive showcase invites proposals that share experiences with the latest tools or novel use of old technologies for learning and teaching. Ensure that you address the following questions in your submission:

This year, participants are welcomed and encouraged to collaborate with vendors of their favorite tools. We welcome proposals that are works in progress as well as proposal that present findings of empirical research addressing the conference theme: Leading Learning for Change.

For questions regarding submission for Emerging Technologies Showcase, contact
Tutaleni I. Asino (tutaleni.asino@okstate.edu | @tutaleni)

*Veletsianos, G. (2010). A definition of emerging technologies for education. In G. Velestianos (Ed.), Emerging technologies in distance education (pp. 1–22). Edmonton: AU Press.