AECT-High Impact Talk's description

These are 10 minute LIVE sessions in Jacksonville. Not unlike TED talks, we are showcasing captivating presenters with high-impact results from research or practices in leading learning and in changing education systems (and our field).

 * This peer reviewed, innovative new format should include recent results from your exemplary research or practice efforts.
 * As well, you may prefer to offer 'summaries of a lifetime' of scholarly or practical work demonstrating leadership, learning and change in our field.

Proposals require a 150 word abstract and a URL/Link to your 2 minute (max.) YouTube video proposal which is exemplary of the final 10 minute (LIVE) event. Planners may "bundle" AECT-Talks* sessions with several others to form a larger event. Every accepted 10 minute Jacksonville AECT--Talk* is video-taped for public review and future distribution online as an open access resource. Examples and guiding criteria for proposal submission and event criteria can be found here.