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AECT Internship Program
REMINDER: Applications for the 2017 AECT Leadership Internship Program are due by June 5, 2017. This includes a sponsor letter in support of your application. Please allow enough time for your sponsor to submit this letter by the due date, June 5.

Award:             Up to three (3) AECT members will be chosen as leadership interns for the 2017 convention. One (1) applicant will be designated as the Strohbehn Intern, and two (2) applicants will be designated as the Cochran intern.

All interns receive complimentary convention registration, housing, and a cash award. They are expected to volunteer to serve on an AECT committee of their choice during the year following their internship and work together on a group project that may be presented at the next AECT annual convention. Interns are encouraged to request financial support for transportation and meal/incidental expenses from their institutions or state affiliate organizations.

All interns will be expected to have arrived at the convention by 3:00 PM Sunday evening, November 5, 2017 and to stay until Saturday 12:00 PM, November 11, 2017

Program:         The AECT Leadership Internship Program is designed to identify individuals with significant potential to provide future leadership for AECT and in the broader field. The program is not limited to those in academe, and current students and new professionals in K12 education and industry are encouraged to apply. The application process places a heavy emphasis on past and current leadership experiences with a specific focus on personal goals for growth within AECT and the professional field.

Interns are expected to participate fully in a coordinated program of activities, including a leadership development session, exclusive events with leaders from the association and the field, and selected association governance events. In addition, Interns will perform hands-on tasks, assisting association and foundation leadership during the first timerís session, general sessions, and the membership meeting, that provide a behind-the-scenes view of convention operations. As a follow-up to the convention experience, each intern will select and participate in a committee or other AECT governance activity during the year leading up to and including the 2018 convention. A former intern, who is now a member of the AECT Leadership Development Committee, serves as the program coordinator. Additionally, each Intern will be matched with a current AECT leader to mentor the student or new professional throughout the proceeding year. This mentoring is intended to deepen the experience and provide further leadership development.

Intern Mentoring
After evaluating each Internís personal experience and professional development goals, the Leadership Development Committee will match the intern with a current AECT leader. The leaders will serve as a mentor, identifying organizational and professional activities in which to involve the Intern over the course of the next year. Activities include, but are not limited to, division, affiliate, committee, and/or executive meetings, annual convention planning, and scholarly endeavors. Each experience will vary by mentor.

Eligibility:        Applicants for the Leadership Internship Program must be either a current graduate student OR a new professional in the field. Students can be enrolled either full or part time in an accredited university program related to the field, and must remain in good academic standing throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. New professionals must be within the first three years of beginning their career.

Applicants who are not already members of AECT may join prior to submitting his or her application. However, strong applicants will have attended at least one AECT convention and have already begun seeking leadership roles within AECT.

Upon submitting an application, individual eligibility for either the Strohbehn or Cochran Internships will be determined by the Leadership Development Committee. You do not need to submit two applications.

Strohbehn Internship:
The Strohbehn Internship will be awarded to a graduate student who displays exemplary leadership potential and dedication to AECT and the field.

Cochran Internship:
The Cochran Internship will be awarded to graduate students and/or new professionals who display outstanding leadership potential and dedication to AECT and the field.

To Apply for the Strohbehn/Cochran Internship, CLICK HERE.

Submit To:       All application materials should be submitted via the AECT website. Other correspondence concerning the Leadership Internship Program can be directed to the Leadership Internship Program Coordinator, Megan C. Murtaugh, at 239-560-8301 or aect-intern-chair@aect.org.

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