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  A Code of Professional Ethics
Edited by: Paul W. Welliver
Contributing Authors: Peter J. Dean, J. Nicholls Eastmond Jr., Jefferson N. Eastman Sr., Mark Jones, Henryk Marcinkiewicz, Joseph Marrone, Leslie Moller, Randall G. Nichols, Lloyd P. Reiber, Annette Sherry, Alice D. Walker, Paul W. Welliver, Andrew R. J. Yeaman

A Code of Professional Ethics:

This book enables members of the educational communications and technology community to visualize their professional ethics and see how those principles ought to influence their actions.

There is nothing else around like the book you have in hand. The Code of Professional Ethics printed here was developed over time by AECT, the major professional society, which is also actively supporting the publication of this book. The illustrative cases were carefully developed over several years by members of the AECT Professional Ethics Committee. The scenarios were written under the guidance of Paul Welliver who first presented them in the "Ethics Today" column in TechTrends. The Code and this book are relevant to several overlapping fields and professions.
74 pages (2001) Spiralbound

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