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  The Next Generation of Distance Education

The Next Generation of Distance Education: Unconstrained Learning
Edited by: Moller, Leslie; Huett, Jason B.
ISBN 978-1-4614-1785-9
2012, XXV, 266p. 20 illus..

Identifies research-supported ways to harness the power of new technologies and ideas to improve distance learning Includes the perspectives of those who are creating, adapting, or evolving new technologies and instructional delivery methods Represents a unique opportunity to mentor and inspire the next generation of scholars and practitioners in distance education

The world of education is being radically altered driven by ever-emerging and innovative technologies, openness, and unprecedented access to knowledge. Older correspondence-style methods of instructional delivery are passé and “classroom adapted to the web” approaches to learning are often ineffective because they do little to harness the transformational potential of technology.

The Next Generation of Distance Education addresses more cutting edge issues, such as:

  • e-learning scenarios
  • mobile technologies
  • communication and information access
  • personal learning environments
These domains are quickly becoming mainstream, shifting control of the learning process away from institutions and into the hands of learners. This volumes promotes a forward-thinking agenda for research and scholarship that highlights new ideas, deep insights, and novel approaches to “unconstrained” learning. It will quickly become indispensible to anyone conducting research in the area of distance education for its innovative and future-oriented approach and its international focus.

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