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  ID: 145873409 - Slow and Fast Learning with Contemporary Digital Technologies

Slow and Fast Learning with Contemporary Digital Technologies

Online Streaming to recorded presentation (52 Minutes 48 Seconds)

Digital technologies offer a rich variety of ways in which learners and teachers can interact, communicate and collaborate across formal, informal and non-formal learning contexts. Smart phones and tablets enable interaction across different time frames and boundaries. Social media mean learners and teachers can be part of a global, distributed community of peers with access to a vast variety of information, available at unprecedented scale. The pace of change is only likely to continue, and new technologies continue to emerge; for example materials for learning across boundaries, surfaces and multiple devices. The impact on education is likely to be profound, as a series of recent Pearsons’ videos on the future of Education 2020 testifies. The talk will provide an overview of key emergent technologies and reflect on their implications for education. It will consider the ways in which technologies increase the speed of interaction and learning and will argue that we need a slow learning movement, equivalent to the slow eating movement. It will draw on relevant current research and will argue that to make effective use of digital technologies teachers need new approaches to design, pedagogy and assessment, as well as more effective use of learning analytics tools.
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