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  Learning Technologies and Globalization: Pedagogical Frameworks and Applications
Learning Technologies and Globalization: Pedagogical Frameworks and Applications
(SpringerBriefs in Educational Communications and Technology)
ISBN 978-3-319-22962-1
50 pages.
By Nada Dabbagh, Angela D. Benson, André Denham, Roberto Joseph, Maha Al-Freih, Ghania Zgheib, Helen Fake, and Zhetao Guo
Copyright © 2016 by Association for Educational Communications & Technology

This brief describes the evolutionary and global impact of the techno-social transformation on learning technologies in terms of emerging pedagogical frameworks and applications. it provides examples of such applications in higher education, K-12, and the workplace, across the globe.

The transformation and diffusion of ICT into an ever-present and accessible phenomenon is fundamentally shaping human activity and culture, changing human identity, and redefining globalization. Global activities have widened, intensified, and accelerated as a result of ICT integration generating a new awareness of the world as a techno-social environment.

This emergent global environment is introducing unprecedented socio-economic opportunities; however, it is also bringing new risks and challenges, particularly as this relates to learning technologies, most especially in higher education contexts.

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