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  Studies of ID Practices: A Review and Synthesis of Research on ID Current Practices
Building Virtual Communities of Practice for Distance Educators (SpringerBriefs in Educational Communications and Technology)
ISBN 978-3-319-03625-0
65 pages.
M. Aaron Bond and Barbara B. Lockee
Copyright 2014 Springer International Publishing Switzerland

As colleges, universities and other learning institutions explore teaching and learning through online environments, online communities of practice may provide solutions to organizational and professional development needs. The purpose of this book is to develop a set of guidelines for creating a virtual community of practice for faculty teaching at a distance that can easily be implemented by faculty development professionals. Designing a virtual community of practice can be operationalized using the ADDIE model to guide the process. Based on an instructional systems design process, the ADDIE model emphasizes the five core elements of the instructional systems design process: analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate; often it serves as a project management tool or to provide a visual aid for organization of relevant tasks.

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