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  ID: 189680368 - Cirque du Soleil Spark Session: Technology and Training at Cirque du Soleil™

Cirque du Soleil Spark Session: "Technology and Training at Cirque du Soleil™"

Online Streaming to recorded presentation (1 Hour 11 Minutes)

At its inception, Cirque du Soleil focused on innovation – thus the title of our first show, Le Cirque Réinventé (The Circus – Reinvented). From KA's 280,00 pound rotating stage to O's 1.5 million gallon pool, each Cirque du Soleil show now features an innovation that has dramatically altered the landscape of live entertainment. Our dynamic productions require that we gather the highest level experts from around the globe. Once these experts are gathered, we then engage in a two-way process of education where all involved learn how to apply skills and techniques in new and innovative ways.

For AECT’s 2016 conference, Cirque du Soleil's SPARK Sessions will illustrate our two-way, multilayered learning exchange. Representatives for various departments will share their creative processes – including stumbling blocks they have encountered and strategies they have used to overcome them. First-hand accounts of the challenges and triumphs that come along with designing, producing, and performing in these cutting-edge productions will provide case studies through which AECT will discover new approaches to learning and teaching.
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