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  ID: 190259336 - Designing for Human Learning in the Anthropocene

Designing for Human Learning in the Anthropocene

Online Streaming to recorded presentation (51 Minutes)


By: Jan Visser, Learning Development Institute; Elizabeth Boling, Indiana University; Ron Burnett, Emily Carr University of Art and Design; Carlo Fabricatore, University of Huddersfield; Brad Hokanson, University of Minnesota; Jonathan M Spector, Department of Learning Technologies; Yusra Laila Visser, Illinois State University; Alfonso Montuori, California Institute of Integral Studies; Lene Rachel Andersen, Next Scandinavia

Panel Session will call for critical reflection on what is really relevant when it comes to Designing for Human Learning in the Anthropocene. A growing body of scientific literature exists suggesting that it is time to stop doing business as usual. We are becoming painfully aware that there is something wrong in the relationship between humans and their planetary environment. The complex nature of the problems we have to deal with calls for a different kind of thinking and thus also for a different vision of what it means to learn. This, in turn, has implications for how we conceive of design for learning.
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