2018 Summer Symposium: Call for Papers

AECT Summer Research Symposium:
A New Focus for Learning: Educational Technology Beyond Content

2018 AECT Summer Research Symposium
IU Memorial Union & Biddle Hotel in Bloomington, Indiana
July 16 - 17  2018 

An Invitation To Present

The 2018 Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Summer Research Symposium is soliciting research-supported chapters concerning educational beyond content.

It is the goal of the symposium to gather together a select group of scholars to share research for real dialogue and deep discussions about content, learning objectives and educational technology. Using Art of Hosting techniques for engaged conversation, we will have very intense and deep discussions of each proposed chapter.

Social and recreation events will be developed to engage the participants more fully with the topic of design; non-electronic work periods will used to examine the field from a different view point. The work of the symposium will be published by Springer, publisher of ETR&D and TechTrends. The conference fee (with some included meals) is expected to be around $150. [The hotel room fee is expected to be about $120 per night.]

Chapter proposals will be solicited on multiple levels including research and practice on education and learning that goes beyond content to skills, habits, and practice. This framework will shape our interactions, our discussions, and the informal context of the symposium.

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