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04/12/21Shifting to Digital - Informing the Rapid Development, Deployment, and Future of Teaching and LearningVolume 69, issue 1, February 2021 Note: Free to Non-members until April 30th, 2021. This ETR&D Special Issue, “Shifting to Digital” was created to synthesize and inform the rapid development, deployment, and future of teaching and learning. Rather than rushing out a special issue for new studies about responding to COVID-19, the ETR&D editors and editorial boards wondered how research published in the past five years might inform the best ways to respond to rapid shifts to digitally intensive learning, in the pandemic situation and in similar situations that might arise in the future
08/05/20Evidence-based and Pragmatic Online Teaching and Learning Approaches: A Response to Emergency Transitions to Remote Online Education in K-12, Higher Education, and LibrarianshipSpecial issue of the journal Information and Learning Sciences containing 42 articles addressing emergency transitions to remote teaching under COVID19 pandemic. CONTAINS: Both K-12 and Higher Education Contexts Higher Education Contexts - “Inclusive considerations for optimal online learning in times of disasters and crises,” Copeland, C., Thompson, K. - “Designing for and facilitating knowledge-building discourse in online courses,” Duvall, M., Matranga, A., Silverman, J. - “Transforming online teaching and learning: Towards learning design informed by information science and learning sciences,” Fujita, N. - “Teaching with social media: Evidence-based strategies for making remote higher education less remote,” Greenhow, C., Galvin, S. - “When classroom interactions have to go online: The move to specifications grading in a project-based design course,” Quintana, R., Quintana, C.
07/20/20TechTrends: Higher Education & Covid-19Amongst the hundreds of articles published in TechTrends, there are many that can be used to inform the remote teaching and learning caused by COVID19. The articles below focus on design, learning and teaching online Higher Education and across general educational settings. Specifically, they dealt with one or more of the following: online teaching strategies; unique characteristics of online learning environments; guidelines for using specific tools, strategies, etc. Much will be said about the impact of COVID-19, what would be untrue; however, is to assert that there was no research to inform online teaching practice. The selection below is but a small sample of what has been produced by TechTrends, which can be multiplied by thousands of articles from other journals within AECT and multiplied exponentially by a vast body of literature that makes up our field. The articles below are a small sampling of research-based practices that can informing the conversation and considerations for teaching and learning online.
04/03/20Higher Ed: Crowdsourced Expert Resources with CommentariesPDF VERSION: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AECT has generated a crowdsourced list of expert resources (e.g., articles, posts, videos, documents, slides) with recommendations for best practices for remote teaching and the transition to online course delivery. This project is the result of the community-based approach with reliance on AECT members' expertise and knowledge to provide a robust yet concise index.
03/20/20Higher Ed: Remote Teaching ResourcesFrom the Daniel Stanford, DePaul University and the POD Network listserv
03/20/20Higher Ed: Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption From Jenae Cohn and Beth Seltzer, Stanford University
03/20/20Higher Ed: Dealing with the Unexpected: Teaching When You or Your Students Can’t Make it to Class From Stacey Margarita Johnson and Rhett McDaniel, Vanderbilt University
03/19/20Higher Ed: Teaching Online ResourcesFrom Florence Martin, University of North Carolina Charlotte - Includes: Best Practices, Asynchronous Teaching (Separated by Time and Distance), Synchronous Teaching (Separated by Distance but Meets at the Same Time), Sample Online Courses, Online Assessment, Online Collaboration, Discipline-Specific Guides and Resources, Virtual Labs / Alternative Labs, Visual and Performing Arts Guides and Resources, Open and Free Educational Resources (All Disciplines)
03/19/20Links to global COVID-19 resourcesThe AECT Division of Culture, Learning, and Technology has started collecting online instruction resources in the COVID-19 era, WITH PARTICULAR FOCUS ON ISSUES THAT CLT IS CONCERNED ABOUT (EQUITABLE ACCESS, CIVIL RIGHTS, ADA COMPLIANCE, ETC.).

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