Excellence at Work: Podcast Series

Robert Doyle
Harvard University

The Excellence at Work series was created by Robert Doyle, Harvard University, who is continuing to conduct series of interviews with leaders in the field and the editors of various AECT journals and publications exploring not the only diversity each journal but also how each journal contributes to the field of educational technology in research and application and its impact on improving education.

Editor Interviews Include the Publications:
Interviews: Excellence in the Field

Atsusi Hirumi
University of Central Florida
Published: 10/02/2022 - Recorded: 11/16/2020

With a joint appointment, Atsusi Hirumi (2C) serves in multiple roles at the University of Central Florida. He is a professor and teaches in the Department of Learning Sciences in the College of Community Innovation and Education and in the Department of Medical Education in the College of Medicine at UCF.

Hirumi’s rich and diverse background began during his formative years, which he spent in Nairobi, Kenya. His parents were research scientists and cell biologists. One day, his father came home from his position at Cornell University and asked his family, How would you like to move to Africa?

Hirumi’s first role in education was as a high school biology teacher in Lafayette, Indiana. While there, he found Midwesterners to be some of the best people in the world and that he was not a fan of cold weather.

Hirumi earned a B.S. degree in biology at Purdue University, a master’s degree in Educational Technology at San Diego State University, and a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems at Florida State University. His research concentrates on the design and sequencing of e-learning interactions. He has provided more than 50 presentations at international, national and state conference on related topics and he has written numerous articles and book chapters.

Interviews: Excellence in Publication

Christopher Miller
Morehead State Univ.
Anthony Pina
Sullivan University
Published: 11/24/20
In this podcast, Chris Miller, Professor of Education, interim dean of the College of Education, and Chair of the Department of Foundational and Graduate Studies at Morehead State University and Tony Pina, Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning at Sullivan University in Louisville, Ky, will discuss their book series, Leadership and Best Practices in Educational Technology.

The works will highlight the best-known authors writing on the latest topics in educational technology. The inspiration for the series came from Miller and Pina’s book, Lessons in Leadership in the Field of Educational Technology. Their goal is to fill a gap in current publishing regarding the accomplishments and research of leaders in the field.

Krista Glazewski
Indiana University
Published: 11/11/19
In this podcast, I interviewed Krista Glazewski, Associate professor and Department Chair of instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. Her main research area is Learning through Complex Problem Solving, Problem-Based Learning, Scaffolding, Technology-Rich Problem Solving. Prof. Glazewski is the editor of the journal, Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning. The journal publishes relevant, interesting, and challenging articles of research, analysis, and promising practice related to all aspects of implementing problem-based learning (PBL) in K12 and post-secondary classrooms. Moreover, it is an open-access journal.
Elizabeth Boling
Indiana University
Published: 05/30/19
Elizabeth Boling is the Founding Editor and Current Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Designs for Learning. During this podcast she describes the articles and philosophy included in this multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal which is dedicated to publishing descriptions of artifacts, environments and experiences created to promote and support learning in all contexts by designers in any field.

Robert Kenny
Florida Gulf Coast University
Published: 02/06/19
Robert Kenny is the Editor-in-Chief of this journal that bridges the gap between theory and practice by providing reflective practitioners in teaching and learning with a single source of scholarly papers that discuss new developments and their impact on the field. This peer-reviewed journal is designed to encourage less-experienced authors understand the submission, review, and publication process with the goal of successful publications.

MJ Bishop
University System of Maryland
Published: 08/28/18
The Handbook of Research on Educational Communication is intended for graduate students and their professors, instructional designers, and researchers in educational communication and technology in collaboration with the libraries that serve them. The Handbook:
  • Provides comprehensive research reviews of new developments in educational technology

  • Includes concrete examples to guide future research in educational technology

  • Furnishes extensive references to guide readers to the most recent research in the field of educational technology.


Barabara Lockee
Virginia Tech
Published: 07/09/18
Barbara Locklee discusses the importance and significance of The Major Reference Work, Learning, Design, and Technology: An International Compendium of Theory, Research, Practice and Policy.

This publication has now been released and is continuously updated. The journal currently has 110 entries including many citations.

Tristan Johnson
Northeastern University
Published: 07/09/18
Tristan Johnson, editor of our journal, Educational Technology Research and Development (ETR&D), discusses the journal and publication process.

ETR&D is a bi-monthly journal of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology focusing entirely on research and development in educational technology.

Charles Hodges
Georgia Southern University
Published: 05/30/19
Charles Hodges discusses AECT's flagship journal, TechTrends and his role as editor.

TechTrends is a leading publication for professionals in the educational communication and technology field. As such its major purposes are: to provide a vehicle for the exchange of information among professional practitioners concerning the management of media and programs, the application of educational technology principles and techniques to instructional programs, corporate and military training, and additional categories of information that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge of practice in the field.

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