AECT Institutional Membership

An AECT Institutional membership is open to any academic, government, or organization that has education and training with technology as part of its mission.

Basic Institutional Memberships cover two individuals who receive full regular membership benefits. Additional members can be added with an Institutional Membership Upgrade.

Institutional Membership Rates:

Category A $270.00
Basic level, includes one primary contact person and one additional member (two memberships).
Category B $540.00
Includes one primary contact person and three additional members (four memberships).
Category C $810.00
Includes one primary contact person and five additional members (six memberships).
Category D $1080.00
Includes one primary contact person and seven additional members (eight memberships).

How to become an AECT Institutional Member

Institutional Memberships are custom-created to match the needs of your organization. To best address your needs, please complete the form below. Phil Harris, AECT Executive Director, will contact you personally and work with you to determine the most-effective membership level for your organization.


Phil Harris, Executive Director
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
320 W. 8th st. Ste 101
Bloomington, IN 47404-3745

January 18, 2018

Dear Dr. Harris,

Please contact me regarding an Institutional Membership for  (name of organization).

I prefer that you contact me by E-mail: My e-mail address is
  Telephone: My telephone number is
  The best time to contact me is:


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