AECT Foundation

Formed in 1970, the AECT Foundation supports the charitable and educational activities of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), based on the conviction that the improvement of instruction in schools and colleges can be enhanced by the continued investigation and application of new systems for learning and by authentic assessment of communication techniques and technology.  The purpose of the Foundation is to prepare and develop leaders and practitioners in our fields, to enlarge the body of knowledge available in the fields of educational communications and technology, and to encourage the dissemination of such knowledge.

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The AECT Foundation:

  • Supports emerging professionals who will have an impact on education

    • Scholarships to support emerging professionals, young leaders in the field

    • Internships that develop future leaders in the field

    • Summer leadership participation that engages leaders in planning and action

  • Advances and disseminates knowledge and practice in our field

    • Recognize cutting edge research

    • Recognize innovative practice

    • Recognize lifelong contributions to knowledge and practice in the field

    • Disseminate knowledge and practice in the field (lecture series, library, etc.)

  • Develops global connections among professionals and professional practices

Donate to the AECT Foundation to support leadership development, knowledge dissemination, and development of global connections.

Current members (voting)

President: William Sugar

Past President: Anthony Piña

President-elect: Joanne Bentley

Treasurer: Robert Doyle


Tonya Amankwatia

Brian Beatty

Justine Chien

Thomas Hergert

Willi Savenye

Deepak Subramony

Ellen Wagner (on leave)

Emeriti (non-voting)

Deborah Anthony

Ward Cates

Ana Donaldson

Robert Harrell

Christopher Miller

T. Weston Miller

Stephanie Moore

Kathy Saville

Hans-Erik Wennberg