AECT Committees are special interest dedicated to a particular issue, event, or task. If you interest in learning more about the committee or if wish to join please contact the chair of the committee.

Accessibility Committee
Amy Lomellini, Chair 
Members: Ismahan Arslan-Ari, Linda Campion, Robert Doyle, David Gardner, Abbas Johari, Rebecca M. Reese

AECT Design Competition Committee
Dan Schuch, Chair 
Members:  Dan Schuch, Logan Arrington, Sheri Stover

Convention Planning Committee
David Wiley, Chair 
Members:  Tutaleni I. Asino, Jennifer Bauman, Danilo M. Baylen, Leslie Blatt, Dalinda Bond, Xiaojun Chen, Miaoting Cheng, Szu-Yueh Justine Chien, John Curry, Hannah Digges Elliott, Ana Donaldson, Tonia Dousay, Constance Harris, Theresa Huff, Lynn Hummel, AECT Corporate Intranet, Sean Jackson, Beth Jordan, Minkyoung Kim, Royce Kimmons, Laura Kowalski, Swapna Kumar, Terri Lawson, Yin-Chan (Janet) Liao, Victoria Lowell, Jin Mao, Nicola Pallitt, Rebeca Peacock, Peter Rich, Dan Schuch, Kay Seo, James Shea, Sharon Stidham, Tracey Theriault, Lucas Vasconcelos, Larry Vernon, Ellen Wagner, Nicole Wang-Trexler, Charles White

Ethics Committee 
Stephanie Moore, Chair 
Members:  Gayle Davidson-Shivers, Kae Novak, Rajagopal Sankaranarayanan, Ya-Huei Lu, Angela Doucet Rand, Rebecca Reese, Lisa Shipley, Tutaleni Asino

Executive Director Search Committee  
David Wiley, Co-Chair 
  |  Camille Dickson-Deane (Co-Chair)  
Members:  Danilo Madayag Baylen, Heidi Blair, Hoda Harati, Kyle Peck, Lan Cheng, Mohamed Ahmed, Monica Tracey, Sydney Musipili Mutelo, Vandy Pacetti-Donelson, Vicki Griesinger

Finance Committee
(no chair at this time)

History & Archives Committee
Heather Leary, Chair 
Members:  Matthew Ames, Richard Dietzel, Robert Doyle, Wendell G. Johnson, Barbara Lockee, Kay Shelton Kozak, Jill Stefaniak, Charlie White, Ginger Watson, Rebecca Clark

Leadership Committee
Victoria Lowell, Chair 

Nomination Committee
Xun Ge, Chair 
Members: Tutaleni I. Asino, Zeni Colorado-Resa, Ahmed Lachheb, Sungwoong Lee, A'Kena LongBenton, Rob Moore, Andy Walker, Linda Wiley

Organization & Bylaws Committee 
Kim Huett, Co-Chair 
  |  Tonia Dousay, Co-Chair  
Members: Vandy Pacetti-Donelson, Zeni Colorado, and Amy Archambault.

Strategic Planning Committee
Xun Ge, Chair 
Members: Camille Dickson-Deane (2 years), Joi Moore (1 year), Zeni Colorado Resa (3 years), Andreja Istenic (3 years), Mohammadreza "Reza" Jalaeian (3 years), Mary Parker (1 year), Altaf Siddiqui (3 years), Suha Tamim (2 years), Bau "Bo" Tran (2 years)

Summer Research Committee
Brad Hokanson, Chair 

Educational Partners