Convention: Volunteer Resources

This page is to provide information and resources for session moderators. The conference planning team will update this page on a regular basis. You can use bookmarks to directly access each section. 

Materials that Zoom Moderators will Use during the Conferences:  

The following materials should be used by volunteers to moderate their sessions including suggested scripts, slides, and other information you will share with presenters and participants.

Support Materials 

The following materials were created to support volunteers as they moderate the convention.

  • Volunteer Moderating Guidelines & Flow Charts
  • Volunteer Resources

    • Volunteer Badge [JPEG]

      • Use this badge to showcase you are volunteering for AECT!

    • Volunteer Virtual Background [JPEG]

      • This image is for your virtual background for Zoom. We are preloading the rooms with this background but you may need to upload it in Zoom. Use this background when streaming your video as a volunteer moderator so everyone in your session knows who you are! See Zoom_Video Layout and Virtual Background Related Troubleshooting guidelines for how to use a virtual background.

  • Zoom Job Aids/Support

    • The following documents focus on Zoom and include various ’how-to‘ suggestions for Zoom use and/or issues. These documents should be used before escalating an issue to the Volunteer Supervisor or Help Desk & Tech Center.

  1. Zoom_Getting Started with Zoom for Volunteers [PDF]

  2. Zoom_Audio Related Troubleshooting [PDF]

  3. Zoom_Screen Sharing Related Troubleshooting [PDF]

  4. Zoom_Video Related Troubleshooting [PDF]

  5. Zoom_Video Layout and Virtual Background Related Troubleshooting [PDF]

  6. Zoom_MacOS Settings Related Troubleshooting [PDF]

  • All Academic Job Aids/Support

  • Slack Job Aids/Support

    • Slack_How to use Slack [PDF]

      • The following documents focus on Slack. This is the main communication platform for Volunteers for the 2020 AECT Convention.

Recorded Volunteer Training & Materials

The following materials were utilized during the training sessions on October 15th and October 21st. 

Educational Partners