AECT 2020 Virtual Convention: Call for Proposals

AECT 2020 Virtual Conference: Last Call for Proposals

Theme: Towards Culturally-situated Learning Design and Research
Submission Deadline: July 12, 2020

AECT 2020 Virtual Conference is putting out the last call for proposals that are aligned with the theme Towards culturally-situated learning design and research. This last call is based on the following considerations in response to the suggestions of some AECT members:
  • Since this years convention is going online, there may be members or non-members who had not planned to attend the in-person AECT convention due to various reasons but may have changed their mind and wanted to submit a proposal to attend the virtual conference;
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be some timely and emerging research to address education in emergent situations; and
  • With the online conference, we are able to accept more proposals and offer more sessions.
We not only encourage submissions from the U.S. members and non-members, but also extend our warm invitation to the international researchers (both members and non-members) to this virtual conference. We will pay special attention to various time zones and accommodate presentation schedules for presenters not only from the U.S., but international presenters from outside the U.S.

In this conference, culture is broadly defined as a system of shared beliefs, values, goals, customs, and behaviors held by members of a community that distinguish themselves from another community. In the context of learning design and research, examples include being responsive to the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs that learners bring to the educational setting, and being sensitive to learners needs and community culture. Issues to be investigated may include instructional design and research in cross-cultural contexts from a global perspective, equity and justice issues for underrepresented population, socially and economically disadvantaged learners, or disparity issues regarding access to technologies and resources (e.g., digital divide, pedagogical divide, and resource divide).

This convention theme is intended to encourage AECT members to strive for understanding the culture of a group, organization, community, or society in the practice of learning design and research in order to make impactful contributions to the field. Instructional designers and educational researchers can only gain a deeper understanding of inquiry questions and critical issues through social construction and negotiation of meaning in the rich social and cultural contexts.

We invite papers that are engaged in deep conversations of complex and critical issues that are framed in the culture of a particular social context, which have often been overlooked in learning design and research. Empirical, conceptual, and practical papers on diverse topics, from various theoretical lenses and at different social levels (e.g., microsystem and macrosystem), are welcome, but they must provide a rich description and discussion of sociocultural situatedness in their design research and practice. In addition, we would like to promote more research proposals that are based on solid data, empirical evidence, and rigorous methods. The goal of this convention is to connect our members to cultivate a culturally-situated mindset that leads to culturally-responsive learning environments, which will eventually make a transformative impact on individuals and the society.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are particularly interested in research proposals that investigate the role of learning technology, instructional design, and human performance technology in response to education in emergency situations in various social and cultural contexts and in different geographical locations. Research addressing social, cultural, and economic issues, such as disparity and inequity in terms of access to educational resources, technologies, and learning experiences during the times of emergencies are especially welcome.

The proposals are due on July 12, 2020. If you have any questions, please direct it to Dr. Xun Ge (xge@ou.edu) and Dr. Victor Law (vlaw@unm.edu).

This is going to be an eventful conference, not only because it is the first virtual conference in AECT history, but also because it is taking place during a very special time, full of challenges as well as opportunities and possibilities. We envision this conference to be another exciting experience with culminated excellence of intelligence and wisdom shared by the AECT community. We look forward to your contribution to the 2020 convention, and we hope to see you online in November!

*Note: The proposals that have already been accepted from the previous round remain accepted. In addition, the proposals that were rejected from the first round can be modified to be submitted as new proposals to this call.  

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